Hey there!
I’m Jen, an ethical business coach, inspiring change makers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs to create positive impact and a better world.

Whether you are someone with an established ethical business, or you just have the nugget of an idea for a social enterprise that will make the world a better place, getting crystal clear about your vision for your business and your life, and nailing down a clear, focussed action plan, will help you to reach that vision more quickly and easily.

I’d love to help you do this, and to provide with the tools and techniques to do it, along with that all important accountability to keep you on track.

I trained and worked as a vet for 10 years, before realising that that nagging feeling that there should be ‘something more’ wasn’t going to go away. I made a bold move and finally admitted to myself that the dream I’d had at 15, wasn’t giving me the life I wanted now. I made a change.
Now I spend my time coaching business owners and start-ups who want to make a change too, unlocking their potential and enabling them to live the lives they dream of and to genuinely be the change they want to see in the world.

I fit my business in around my family, and can often be found wrangling small children, treading on Lego, and escaping for a run as often as possible.

1. Making a difference
Everything we do makes a difference. It has an impact. That impact can be negative or positive, and it is up to us to decide what difference we want to make.

2. Knowing what we stand for
As individuals and as businesses, we have to know what we stand for. What we want our lives and our businesses to be for. The impact we want to have, the changes we want to make.

3. Thoughtful choices can change the world
The choices we make every day, the actions we take, can change the world. We need to allow ourselves that little bit of extra time and space to make the decisions that are right for us, the people around us, and the planet.

4. The unlimited potential that exists within all of us
Each of us has an infinite capacity to do whatever we want, to achieve great things, and to create change.

5. Taking action
Moving forwards on the things that matter to us is the only way to create change. Make a start, take that first baby step. Aim for progress not perfection, and keep moving forwards.

6. Community
Our communities, both online and off, lift us up. They support us, console us, encourage us, and they are there for us when we fall. Find your tribe, create your tribe. Together we are stronger.

– I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs to get clear on their ‘Why’, their mission and their values
So that you can effectively communicate your passion to the world

– I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs unlock their potential
So you can share your unique skills, talents and purpose with the world

– I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create a road-map
To get you from where you are now to where you want to be, and working with you as you negotiate all the twists and turns along the way

– I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs move past the roadblocks
So that you can overcome your fears, develop your confidence, shift your mindset and keep moving forwards

– I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses
By helping you to find the tools you need for sustainable growth, staying true to your values, and accounting for people and planet, not just profit.

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