[025] – How to sell without feeling icky…

Does ‘selling’ make you feel icky ,and uncomfortable? Maybe even a little bit queasy…? I know that it does for me. I’ve been putting together a sales page for a new group coaching course I’m launching, and even typing the words ‘sales page’ makes me feel uncomfortable. In this solo episode I share some of […]

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[023] – Comparison-itis and how to beat it

Comparison-itis – do you suffer? I know I do. It’s where you find yourself comparing yourself to others, and feeling somehow lacking. And it can be paralysing. It can make you feel truly hopeless, and stop you from moving forwards and taking the steps you need to make the impact you want your business or […]

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[018] – How to make Good Stuff Happen

Have you heard of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’? Well in this episode I interview Matt Callanan, who after a chance meeting with George Clooney and Bill Murray (yes really!) founded We Make Good Happen, and is now on a mission to collectively make one million good deeds happen worldwide. It’s a truly inspiring story of […]

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