[011] – How to nail your business goals

In episodes seven and nine of the Making Good podcast I talk about the importance of having a Big Vision for where you want to be with your ethical business or social enterprise in a year, or 3 years, or 5 years time, and then how to start creating a timeline for all the things […]

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[07] – 2020 Vision

Getting clear on your vision for your ethical business or social enterprise

Having a vision for our business, and indeed for our lives, is super important, and is one of the things I spend time with my clients on when I first start working with them. In this episode I did into why we all need a clear vision for our ethical business or social enterprise, and […]

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[05] – How to stop fear holding you back

Fear is something we all experience. We all get scared sometimes, and that’s ok. But what’s not ok is when fear holds us back, and keeps us small, and stops us from making the changes that we want to see in the world. In this episode we dive deep into fear, and the impact that […]

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[03] – Start with Why

In this episode, I share why I think it’s so important for ethical business owners and social entrepreneurs, or for anyone making good stuff happen, that we all get really clear on the “Why’s” behind what we do. And I also share a technique that you guys can easily use to help you to drill […]

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