When we’re faced with really big, complex issues like climate change, or fast fashion, it can be easy to feel disempowered and like there is nothing really that we can do as just one person to make a difference.
In this interview I chat to Charlie Ross, founder of ethical textile company Offset Warehouse. 

Charlie first learned about the impact of fast fashion on the planet, and on the people working in the industry when she was studying fashion at university, and when she started work as a designer who wanted to create ‘guilt-free’ clothing using ethically sourced fabrics. This led to her setting up Offset Warehouse, almost by accident, and she is a brilliant example of how one person can see a problem and not only come up with a solution, but a sustainable business model too.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • the impact that our fast fashion habit is having on the people who make our fabrics, and on the planet (listen out for the shocking fact about the changing colours of the rivers in China).
  • the many different types of eco-fabrics and certifications out there
  • how Offset Warehouse are helping small, artisan producers to grow their own businesses and gain the certifications they need
  • how incredibly powerful our individual purchasing decisions can be
  • how we as individuals can help to fight fast fashion, and the questions we should all be asking, of ourselves, and of fashion retailers and producers

Useful links:

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Workshops and Masterclasses
the Zero Waste pattern that Charlie refers to in the interview
– Offset Warehouse at Fabrications in Hackney

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The True Cost movie

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Safia Minney’s book Slave to Fashion

People Tree

Guardian article about the plastic microfibre issue

Eco-friendly toothbrushes (not instantly relevant but listen in to find out why I’ve linked..!)

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