Sometimes it can be hard to recognise and to acknowledge the skills and the strengths that we have, and if we aren’t really that sure what it is we are really good at, it’s impossible to ensure that we are designing our businesses to make best use of them.
It might mean that we are holding ourselves back from doing as much great stuff as we could, because we don’t really see that we have the right skills and strengths to make things happen. Believe me, you do.
In today’s episode we dig into exploring our strengths and then think about how we can ‘super-size’ them to make more good stuff happen.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to recognise the strengths and skills that you might be using every day without really recognising them for what they are
  • How to apply those strengths and skills to your business or project
  • How to super-size those strengths, so that you can make best use of them, and get out there and have the positive impact you want on the world

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Bonus stuff!

Here’s a link to the worksheets I use with my clients to help them to identify their strengths and skills, and then get super-sizing!
Please do download it if it would be useful 🙂