As ethical and social entrepreneurs we are often working alone, and not only trying to work out how to do ALL the things, but also how to prioritise ALL the ideas too!
It can feel incredibly overwhelming to try and figure out what we should be doing, and what we should be focussing on – especially when there are so many different demands on our time, and only so many hours in the day.

In this episode I share with you a really simple tool that will help you to focus on the different areas of the your business, set goals for each one, and decide which ones to focus on first. And then we go one step further and break it down into those all important actions that we can do that will keep us moving forwards.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why overwhelm is so common amongst solopreneurs and why you are very definitely not alone
  • The importance of cake. Or Wheels. Or Pies.
  • How to get clear about the different areas of your business, and set goals for each one
  • How to objectively assess where you are now
  • How to start to bridge that gap between where you are now, and where you want to be, in each area of your business

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