I don’t know about you but I hear the words ‘social media strategy’ and I start to feel a bit panicky – I have never sat down and worked out any kind of strategy for my social media, and didn’t even really know what one was!
So I decided that I really should find out, and that while I was at it, I would create podcast for anyone else who is also feeling little shame-faced about their social media use and wants to put their time to more effective use and learn how to use social media to promote their business more productively…!
In this episode I talk to Cathy Wassell, founder of Socially Contented, who manages the social media for a charity in Edinburgh called Grass Market Community Project (amongst others).

Cathy shares her knowledge and experience with us, and so many great tips for anyone wanting to get more out of the time they are spending on social media, or who might be feeling a bit befuddled by the whole thing.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What a social media strategy is and why we need one
  • The three strands you need to think about when creating a social media strategy for your ethical business or social enterprise
  • The pros and cons of each social media platform and how to pick which ones to focus on
  • How to create engaging content
  • How to avoid spamming your followers
  • How to manage your social media without it managing you
  • Cathy’s top 3 tips for managing your social media and creating that all important engagement!

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I really hope you found this a useful episode and that it has helped you to get clearer about why you are using social media for your ethical business or social enterprise, what you want to achieve through doing so, and how to start building more engagement and connections with your followers.
What did you learn? Do leave a comment below to share which golden nuggets you will be putting into action, or come and join in the conversation in the Making Good Facebook community 🙂