I’m a big fan of Twitter and have been using it for several years now. I’ve had some great opportunities off the back of it, and I love the connections that it allows me to build with people and businesses all over the world. But it wasn’t always the case – when I first started I had no clue what I was doing, or even why I was really using is. And one thing I hear from a lot of people is that they just don’t really get it. They’ve tried it, but they really struggle to get any followers and any engagement, and before long they give up.
In this episode I have the pleasure of speaking to Sian Conway, founder of the fabulous #EthicalHour twitter chat that happens every Monday evening at 8pm (GMT). What started out as a desire to connect with more ethical businesses has in just the space of a year grown into a business of it’s own, and has recently led to Sian appearing on BBC Radio 4’s flagship new programme The Today programme.

Sian shares with us how to get started using the platform as well as her top tips for getting started, and it’s another show packed with links and useful gems – enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with Twitter
  • What on earth a hashtag is and how to find the ones to use
  • Who should be using Twitter and why you might want to
  • The pros and cons of Twitter
  • The importance of having a strategy for using Twitter i.e. knowing what you want to achieve through using it!
  • What types of posts work best on Twitter
  • How to build a following when you’re getting started
  • How much time you need to devote to Twitter each (it doesn’t have to be loads!)
  • How to effectively use Twitter without having to be glued to your phone
  • How and why to use Twitter analytics
  • Sian’s top 3 tips for building a following on Twitter

Useful links:

Ethical Hour
Facebook group

Sian on the Radio4 Today show – segment starts at around 2hrs50




The Making Good Facebook community

I hope this episode is helpful if you are wanting to get started with Twitter and want to use it grow your ethical business or social enterprise, and spread your message – it really can be a very powerful platform and a great way to connect, and I really do believe it is worth putting in some time and effort to make it work.
Do let me know if you what’s working for you, or if you’ve yet to get started. If this episode inspires you to have a go, do come and say hi to me on Twitter, I’m @jengale_ 🙂