For a long time, the term ‘PR’ didn’t really mean anything to me – I didn’t really understand what it was, and I certainly didn’t think it was something that I could do on my own. I thought PR was just for those big companies that could afford to pay a professional PR company to send out endless press releases for them.
But then when we spent our year buying nothing new, and I looking to promote the blog and the Make Do and Mend message, I started to look around for some press coverage. And I realised that actually I could do PR on my own – to the extent that I managed to get a regular slot on the local BBC radio, was on the local TV news, and got national press coverage too.
Doing your own PR is not as difficult or as scary as you might think, and in this episode I speak to Janet Murray who is a journalist and PR expert about her approach to PR and her top tips for ethical business owners and social entrepreneurs looking to get some press.

How to get press coverage for your ethical businessHere’s what you’ll learn:

  • What even is PR?
  • The four areas you need to be focussing on to get PR for your business
  • Why you need to get clear on what you to want to achieve with your PR
  • The rule of 7 and how PR can help customers or clients get to know, like and trust you
  • The first steps you need to take get PR for your ethical business or social enterprise
  • How to work out what your target publications should be
  • How to find journalists details
  • How to get coverage in your local newspaper
  • How much time you should spend on PR every day
  • How to write e-mails journalists will actually read
  • Mistakes to avoid when contacting journalists
  • Exactly how to write an e-mail pitch to a journalist
  • Some ‘quick wins’ you can use to get PR

How to get press coverage for your ethical business or social enterprise

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– #soulfulprhour – Janet’s Twitter chat every Sunday evening 8pm (GMT)

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Making Good in 30 – this is the new ‘thing’ I’m launching that I mention at the start of the podcast! If you’re interested in finding out more – here’s the link 🙂