In this episode, we talking fear again.
This is something we explored in Episode 5, where I share some strategies for how to take action when we’re feeling scared. But in this show I’m thinking aloud about why it’s so important that we face our fears, and how we find that place where the magic happens.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where exactly does the magic happen?
  • The one difference between us, sat there feeling scared and stuck, and the people we see seemingly fearlessly putting their stuff out there.
  • Why we need to keep on stepping out of our comfort zones

Useful Links:

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What’s scaring you right now? What are you putting off because you’re scared you’ll fail, or it won’t work, or you’ll fall flat on your face?
And what ONE thing could you do TODAY, that would move you one tiny baby step, on big toe, out of your comfort zone and towards that dream?
Do leave a comment below to let me know, or hop over the Making Good Facebook community to join in the conversation 🙂