Waste, or rubbish is a massive problem. Many of us are guilty of having a bit of an “out of sight, out of mind” approach, and easily forget that when we throw stuff ‘away’, it has to go somewhere.
Zero Waste Week is an annual event founded by Rachelle Strauss that is now in it’s tenth year. In 2016, the Zero Waste Week hashtag on Twitter reached 20 MILLION people around the world and has really helped to raise the profile of all things rubbish and the need for us all to address the amount of waste we create in our daily lives, and in our businesses too.
This year it’s happening on the 4th-8th September and is set to be bigger than ever.
In this episode, I chat to Rachelle, to hear about how one woman founded a global movement that has inspired millions to start on their own zero waste journey and to make small changes in the things that they buy, so that they send less waste to landfill.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What Zero Waste Week is
  • What ‘Zero Waste’ means and why it’s really a journey rather than a destination
  • How Rachelle first got started with all things rubbish
  • Rachelle’s top tips for getting started reducing the amount of rubbish you send to landfill
  • My own top tips for reducing our landfill waste

Useful links:

Zero Waste Week
Zero Waste Week Facebook group
–  Pinterest board
– the hashtag to get involved on Twitter is #zerowasteweek


The Rubbish Diet by Karen Cannard

Here’s the turtle image that Rachelle refers to in the podcast:

Rachelle’s original blog – My Zero Waste

As we discussed during this show, Zero Waste Week gets no central funding, and Rachelle finances the whole thing herself.
If you would love to support Rachelle and the amazing work that she is doing, here’s the link to the donations page.

Green Johanna and Green Cone hot composters to reduce food waste

Recyclenow.com – for UK residents this is a great site where you can check the recycling services available to you locally

Making Good in 30 – my 30 day online group coaching programme is starting today (Sept 1st 2017) but there’s still time join up if you’d love some support and accountability to focus on ONE big juicy goal that you’ve been putting off that will help you make more good stuff happen in your business or social enterprise 🙂