Prepare to be inspired…!
In this interview I chat to Johanne Moeller, the brains behind Edventure, a school for community enterprise in Frome in Somerset The students at Edventure have been responsible to setting up the UK’s first Share Shop, as well as the UK’s first community fridge, amongst other amazing projects.

Early on in the conversation Johannes talks about his desire to “create a livelihood that matters” and that phrase has stuck with me ever since. It blew me away and it sums up in just 5 words what it is that I want to do and am trying to do, and I’m guessing what many of you are doing too.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • What Edventure does and why
  • How Johannes got started
  • How the Edventure courses works
  • The win-win-win scenario of how Edventure works, and finding that sweet spot where education, community and enterprise over-lap
  • The Share Shop in Frome
  • The Community Fridge
  • Hubbub’s new community fridge network

Useful Links:


All the enterprises set up by Edventure students so far

Share – A Library of Things

The Library of Things

Frome Community Fridge

Hubbub community fridge network

Remakery Frome

The Food Assembly

I hope you’re as inspired as I am by this interview!
I’d love to leave you with this question: What are you doing to create a livelihood that matters? And what does that mean to you?

I really would love to hear your answers to this – do leave a comment below, or come and join in the conversation in the Making Good Facebook community 🙂