In this episode I’m ‘in conversation with’ Georgina Wilson-Powell, editor of online sustainable lifestyle magazine, Pebble magazine.

Pebble magazine has only been in existence since November 2016, but has very quickly become an established brand and create such an impact that it was recently awarded the Global Imapct Award at the Blue Patch business awards.
Pebble publishes 6 or 7 articles a week, which is a phenomenal amount of content for one person, andĀ Georgina also shares some of her top tips for creating quality content consistently and getting it out there and getting eyes on it.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Pebble’s recent Global Impact Award from Blue Patch
  • Why sustainability issues aren’t discussed more in the mainstream press
  • How we can all create change by simply ‘re-setting’ what we spend our money on, and use our money to support ethical brands
  • Why ethical travel and fashion is challenging people’s assumptions, and how Pebble is helping to spread the word
  • Why Georgina chose to publish Pebble on-line rather than in print
  • The issues with the ‘s-word’ (sustainability)
  • The biggest challenge that Georgina faces
  • Why the focus hasn’t been on revenue in the 1st year
  • The exciting plans that Georgina has for Pebble in the next year
  • How to consistently create great quality content and why it’s not just about the writing
  • The importance of a content schedule for providing structure
  • The story behind the name “Pebble”

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