In this episode I’m exploring the concept of dreaming small. I talk about some of my own aspirations, for my life and for my own business, and how I feel under pressure to aspire to something much more than that. How I feel like I should be wanting to build a 7 figure business with a big team around me, that enables me to buy a massive house, or to holiday on a hot sun-kissed beach every other month. Whereas in reality, I would love for us to take more holidays, but in our family caravan, where we would probably spend more time than we might like to playing “UNO” while it rains outside.

I’m not sure if it’s just me who feels this way, who feels under pressure to “keep up with the Jones'” and to build a business that is actually based on someone else’s definitions of success.
I’m sure it can’t be just me, so I wanted to put this out there, in case you too feel anxious when you see those Facebook ads for the 6 figures launches and the 7 figure businesses. When you see people post on social media about the ‘hustle’. If you feel under pressure to be seen to be succeeding in a way that society recognises as ‘success;, but that maybe deep down isn’t what you aspire to.

I feel quite vulnerable putting this out there.
What if it is just me who feels this way?
What if me saying this is just a convenient way for my subconscious to persuade me that it’s ok to not be constantly pushing for more, and therefore stay nice and safe in my comfort zone?
What if by saying this, I miss out on opportunities to work with amazing ethical entrepreneurs who DO want to build global empires for good?

As is evident in this introduction, and in the podcast itself, this is something I am still processing, something I am still trying to work out.
But maybe that’s the important bit – thinking about it. Challenging myself to make it a conscious decision to choose my own thought out version of success.

How about you?
What do you aspire to? What kind of life do you want to lead? And how does your “good business” fit into your “good life”?

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