In this episode I’m encouraging you to ‘push the pause button’ – to spend a moment or two to stop and reflect on the things you HAVE done this year. And the things you have done that have moved you forwards to your own definition of success.
I talk about how I were to measure my ‘success’ this year purely in terms of revenue, then maybe I’m not quite where I feel I should be, but actually one of my definitions of success is being able to fit the business in around our kids. And when I look at that, I’ve smashed it!

So push pause, and look back at your year.
What’s gone well?
What are the small things that your business has enabled you to do?
What are the big things?
What have you done this year that you never ever thought you could do? I sold courses and my time this year- something that this time last year felt totally unachievable! I launched this podcast – which I’ve been wanting to do for 3 years, but was terrified about.
What have you done that this time last year you would never have thought possible? The big things and the little things.

Do comment below if you’re happy to share, or come and join the Making Good Facebook community and share your triumphs, share your version of success, with us there. Or if you’re not quite ready to share publicly, do drop me an e-mail on jen at jengale dot co dot uk and I will send  a hug and high five by return!

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