In this episode I’m chatting to Jane Langley who is the founder and CEO of Blue Patch, a sustainable marketplace for UK businesses.

Jane’s journey from artist to social entrepreneur is a fascinating one, and I love Jane’s passion and drive to use Blue Patch to ‘massage’ the economy into a more sustainable, lower carbon place, which all started by asking the question “How can we create ‘good business’ that can have a positive effect?”

Jane’s market research made it clear that one thing that people love to do is shop, and she wanted to create a marketplace that wasn’t overtly eco or sustainable on front end, butt that had really desirable products, and then could raise awareness of the power of positive shopping. I love this phrase, the power of positive shopping – it’s such a great reminder that our money has power, and that when we spend our money we have the potential to contribute to positive change.

We discuss the many different things the word ‘sustainable’ can mean for different businesses, and the role of Blue Patch is to raise awareness of other ways for businesses to become more sustainable in other ways, and we touch on things like the circular economy and slow consumption too.

I love hearing all about the nitty gritty of how businesses make money and their business model and I love some of the core values behind Blue Patch like pushing profits back out to communities so that communities can create more businesses and function better, and be happier places, as well as capping wages for everyone in the business at the national average.
Check out this amazing infographic of the “Blue Patch Ecosystem”

There’s lots of inspiration here for ways we can all tweak our businesses to become more sustainable, whatever that means to us, and wherever we are starting from – enjoy!

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