In this episode I am chatting to Mel Wiggins who I think is the first ever M.B.E I’ve had on the podcast..!
Mel lives in Northern Ireland with her husband and their two young children and I wanted to get Mel on as we had connected on social media around the amazing things she does with sustainable and intentional living. Little did I know that she has this whole other ‘thing’ going on, called Freedom Acts, which is all around preventing exploitation and human trafficking in Northern Ireland.

The Making Good podcast episode 49 - with Mel Wiggins

The thing that really struck me throughout the conversation is how incredibly thoughtful and intentional Mel is about everything that she does. She doesn’t claim to have all the answers, but what she does do is think things through, and to make conscious decisions about everyday choices – in her life, in her business, and in her blog.
The tagline for Mel’s blog is “thoughtful living for down to earth people” and we discuss what “thoughtful living” means and looks like in reality, as well as the added pressures that come with bringing up kids in our fast paced, consumerist society.
This episode is possibly a little bit different to some of the more business focussed interviews I have had on the show, but there’s so much to takeaway here, whether you’re looking to run your business more intentionally, or to bring more of that intention into your everyday life. And a actually, as business owners, we are our business, so inevitably our businesses will be a reflection of us, our personal values and our home lives, so any changes we make in one will naturally influence the other.

Some of the things we talk about:

  • Living and working intentionally to reflect your personal values
  • Mel’s personal and family values, and how she works to ensure that she lives those values with her family and her work
  • How through the choices we make everyday we can counter the growing culture of “more” and “quicker”
  • Making the transition form blog to business, and how Mel overcame the fear and discomfort around starting to put paid content out into the world
  • Making a difference


Useful links:

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