Episode 50!
This feels like a huge milestone and this time last year is not something that I ever could have envisaged – thank you so much listening, and for all the comments and reviews (if you fancy leaving one on i-tunes, you can do that right here – it really does help to spread the word) – it’s been a brilliant journey!
I’m taking a break from the podcast until the New Year to give me some time to reflect on what works, and create the strategy and plans to help more people make more good stuff happen in 2018.

Today’s episode is all about “Sparking Joy” – I was pulled up short a week or so ago watching a FB live from Kat Lucock where she shared a book she was reading called Building Social Business by Muhammad Yunus, where the author talks about the importance of connecting with the joy in our businesses.
I realised that all too often I can get bogged down in the stress, and the pressure I put myself under, and it all just feels so bl**dy hard, and I forget that I’m supposed to love doing this! That I actively chose to run my own business. I guess sometimes that what happens is the marketing, and the admin can take over, and we can lose sight of the things that we love doing, the reasons we started our own business in the first place.

So in this episode I’m sharing some tips to help you to re-connect with that joy, to recognise the things that light you up, and to work out how you can incorporate more of them into your business.

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Have a wonderful December, and I will be back with the podcast in the New Year!