Food waste is a massive issue, and is part of a such a hugely complex system that it can be very easy to feel powerless to affect it any way as individuals.
Olio is an app that is starting a food waste revolution and aims to put a stop to food waste by making it easy for us all to share the food that we can’t or won’t eat, and so far have saved over 200,000 items of food from landfill.
In this episode I speak to Saascha Celestial-One, one of Olio’s co-founders to hear about the motivations behind the app, their journey so far, and their aims.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so important that we all tackle food waste, individually and collectively
  • How to gain traction on Twitter for your ethical or social enterprise
  • How to get some great press coverage for your purpose drive business
  • The power of individual actions to change the world
  • How to build a tribe of willing volunteers working to amplify your impact

Useful links:

The Olio website

Olio on Facebook 

Olio on Twitter 

Olio on Instagram

The Making Good Facebook Community

***If you are reading this before the 12th June 2017, and you love the sound of what they guys at Olio are doing, you can help them to secure some funding to more great stuff, by taking 1 minute to vote for them here.***