We all know that we should BE good with our money, in terms of spending wisely to save money, and investing any spare cash we may have.
But have you ever thought about how you can DO good with your money?
The first time I ever really thought about this concept was during our year buying nothing new. By the end of it, I had realised that as a consumer my money has power, and that I can vote for the kind of world I want by giving my money to manufacturers and retailers who care about the same things I do.

But it took me a long time to realise that as hard as I was working at home to reduce our carbon footprint, and to use renewable energy, the money we had sat in the bank, might well be being used to fund companies whose values are in complete opposition to my own.
In this episode, I interview Lisa Stanley, one of the co-founders of the website Good with Money – as site that that helps you to make investments that are good for your pocket, and also for the planet and for society.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where your money might be being invested with ‘traditional’ banks and savings accounts, and why this matters
  • How you can find out where your money is invested
  • What questions you need to ask your financial providers if you are concerned about where your money might be invested
  • Some of the best alternatives for your banking and saving
  • Novel ways of investing your money, such as crowdfunding sites, and community energy projects

Useful links:

Good with Money website

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Good with Money on Instagram

The Good with Money Kitemark 

Triodos Bank
– current account 


Bank Track website – to check where your cash ISA is being invested

Share Action   

Abundance – platform for crowdfunding ethical investments

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