One of my aims with the Good Business Bootcamp is to make business coaching and support for social and ethical entrepreneurs as accessible and affordable as possible.
And I’ve deliberately set the price for the beta version of the course as low as I can, so that I can trial it out and make sure everything is working smoothly while still providing A-MAZING value for money.
BUT I totally get that conjuring up £99 to pay for something you haven’t budgeted for can still be a real challenge, so I’ve come up with 10 different ways you might be able to quickly make £100 (you can go crazy with the extra £1 and blow it…), or to save that money during the 8 weeks the course is running for.
I really don’t want money to be a barrier to people getting the help and motivation that they need to make more good stuff happen, and I would LOVE you to join us if you think it’s something that would be useful, so here goes:

Make £100
I’m not usually a fan on “get rich quick” schemes, but all of these ideas fit with the Good Business ethos and most have side benefits too, like de-cluttering your home responsibly without sending it all to landfill!

  1. Car boot/lawn sale – easiest way to earn £100 ever ever ever.
    We’ve all got way too much stuff cluttering up our homes, and not only will you bag yourself some cash for the Bootcamp, you will be able to have a  good old clear-out before Christmas.
  2. eBay – aka how to de-clutter and make money without having to get up at 6am and stand in the rain for a car boot. Same benefits as above, only warm-er.
  3. Cash in your gadgets – if you’ve got old mobiles and even i-pads and laptops stashed away in a drawer somewhere that you no longer use then there are various websites that allow you to cash them in. And they get recycled too, so it’s a total win-win. Check out this one here.
  4. Get washing cars…!
    This might not be for everyone, but if you set up on your drive with a bucket and a bottle of washing up liquid and charge £5-10 a go, you could quite quickly hit your £100 target and then retire back indoors with a massive hot chocolate to celebrate.
  5. What services or products can you offer to friends/family/acquaintances?
    Are you a brilliant baker? Or could you cobble together a website for someone quite easily in an afternoon? Could you walk someone’s dog for them while you walk your own?
    Get inventive – see it as a challenge – how quickly can you make £100?

Save £100
If you saved just £1.76 a day for the duration of the 8 week Good Business Bootcamp, you will have effectively re-paid yourself your £99 investment (AND moved you and your business forwards, created a kick-ass strategy, and had a whole lot fun). Here are five ideas to save at least £1.76 a day:

  1. Take a packed lunch into work – total no-brainer, and will save you way more than £1.76 a day which will make up for the weekends!
  2. Give up the booze…
    A couple of bottles of wine a week, or the odd sneaky pint or three all adds up, and depending on the quality of your plonk (and the level of your drinking..) you could easily save £13 a week.
    And just think how happy your liver will be!
  3. Ditch the double shot, mocha chocca latte with whip and you should even have change to spare by the end of the 8 weeks if you normally buy one every day. If you really can’t do without your caffeine fix go old school and pack a thermos, or find a travel mug in the charity shops and make it at home.
  4. Have ‘that chat’ with the adults in your family about Christmas presents – do the adults in your life really need a gift from you? Probably not. How about having a go at making some fudge or biscuits instead.
  5. Go second-hand
    We spent a year buying nothing new a few years ago which was what kick started my journey into all things sustainability and ethical. And it also saved us over £2000! Give up the High St shops for 8 weeks and you’ll be quids in (and the planet will thank you too!)

I get that some of these ideas sound more than a little bit sensible and grown up and let’s face it, dull.
But remember it’s only for 8 weeks.
And the smug sense of satisfaction you will gain will more than make up for any feelings of deprivation. Plus you’ll be having way too much fun on the Good Business Bootcamp to feel deprived…
And remember that the work we do in the Bootcamp will be setting you and your business up for earning way more than £100 in the months to come, all while making good stuff happen.

If you’re tempted, and I’ve sparked an idea in you for how you can make or save the cash, there’s all the details of the Good Business Bootcamp right here. If you’ve got any questions, do just drop me a line on and I’ll get right back to you!