This always feels like an exciting time – a whole shiny new year waiting, a clean slate, and so many possibilities.
But before we dive headlong into our plans and aspirations for 2018, a really helpful thing to do is spend a little bit of time reflecting on the year gone by, and what we can learn from that and take forwards.
I’ve put together twenty questions for you to help with this, so grab a cuppa, pop on a DVD to keep the family entertained, and squirrel yourself away somewhere for an hour to have a think about some of these:

1) Thinking about 2017 as a whole, has it been a good year, or not so good?
2) Did you set any goals at the beginning of 2017? And if so, how did you get on achieving them?
3) What went well? See how many things you can list.
What did you do to make them happen (be as specific as possible)
4) What didn’t go so well?
What were the challenges you encountered (be as specific as possible)
5) What will you repeat this year?
6) What won’t you repeat this year?
7) Who helped you this year?
8) Who inspired you this year?
9) Who have you seen doing great things? (maybe that person that made you think “I want to be doing that!” each time you see them post on social media..!)
What have they been doing differently to you? And what can you learn from that?
10)  What blog or social media posts generated the most engagement?
11) Which of your products or services generated the most income?
12)  Which generated the least income or ended up costing you money?
13) What new skills did you learn this year?
14) What surprised you most about 2017?
15) What was your lowest point? Why was that? And what did you do to turn things around?
16) What has challenged you in 2017?
17) What made you happiest in 2017?
18) What tools and resources did you use in 2017?
19) Was there anything that stopped you making the progress you wanted to?
20) What positive impact have you had on the world this year (big or small)?

Not all of these will be relevant, but do have a think about all of them, especially the ones that make you feel a bit uncomfortable..!

The biggest thing with reviewing anything is thinking about the lessons that we can learn from it – whether it went well or whether it was a complete disaster (and nothing is ever a complete disaster as there is always something we can learn from it!).
What have you learned in 2017? Both practical skills, and things about yourself?
And how will you use that new knowledge to make more good stuff happen in 2018?

Stay tuned for another post from me in the next few days where we get set up and raring to go for 2018!

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Here’s to a happy, healthy, and truly “good” 2018.

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