Books are powerful tools for not only telling stories, but for spreading messages and changing the world too.
Here are some books to inspire us all to get out there and make a difference:

– Start with Why by Simon Sinek
After stumbling across Simon Sinek’s brilliant TED talk, I was instantly hooked on the power of Why. I’m part way through this book at the moment, and it’s really making me think about how I can embed my Why, my passion and purpose, into everything I do.

– This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein
This book is part terrifying, part inspiring in equal measure. It’s a pretty harsh (some would say bleak) analysis of where we are right now in terms of climate change and how our economic system got us to this point. But it’s also a call to action that shows us all that there is hope, and that it’s not too late for us to change. If nothing else, it may help you get clear on your Why, and the importance that we all start to take responsibility for creating a sustainable future.

– The Power of Just Doing Stuff: How Local Action Can Change the World by Rob Hopkins
Rob Hopkins founded the Transition movement, and in this book shows how we can all act together at a local level, to connect with each other, and work towards meaningful change.

– The Patagonia Business Library
This is produced by the team at clothing company Patagonia, and is a collection of three books described as a “Toolkit for Shareholders of the Planet” (that’s all of us btw).
I’ve got a copy on order so haven’t actually read the books yet, but I love the way the synopsis talks about the “blurring of the lines between business and environmental activism” and how important it is for businesses to be environmentally conscious, but also how activists can incorporate business tools into their organisations to maximise impact. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can get stuck in!

–  The Armchair Activist’s Handbook: How to Change the World from the Comfort of Your Own Home by Ruth Stokes
You don’t have to have a business to change the world, any one of use can do it, and this book shows us how to do it without leaving home. I love the emphasis on making even tiny changes to our habits can have a positive impact – inspiring stuff!

– Goals by Brian Tracy
I used to glaze over when people started talking to me about ‘goals’, but it’s pretty hard to study for a coaching qualification and not be converted to the power and possibilities that the simple act of goal setting opens up to us.
This book contains really simple strategies for not only setting goals, but achieving them too. It’s all very well wanting to change the world, but that’s a pretty big goal – the systems outlined here (and indeed by any good coach) will help you to break down your goals into ‘baby steps’ and then keep you moving forwards.

What are your favourite ‘changemaking’ books? Which books fire you up, motivate you and inspire you to make a difference? Do leave a comment to let me know 🙂