When you’re running a social enterprise or ethical business, or even when you’ve just the very nugget of an awesome idea for making good stuff happen, it’s amazing! The world is full of possibilities, you get to manage your own time, you get to make your own decisions, you get to do things on your own terms.
But it’s also terrifying, overwhelming, boring at times, lonely, and bl**dy hard work.
And sometimes it can feel like any combination of all of those emotions all within just the same hour let alone the same day.

That’s why I’ve put together the Good Business Bootcamp – an 8 week online group coaching programme designed to lick your business into shape, in a structured no-nonsense way (whilst also being hugely supportive and involving virtual tea and cake. Obvs)

Here’s 7 reasons why you might find it just the ticket if you’re feeling like your business is running you, rather than you running it, or you’ve got a brilliant idea but you’re just not sure how to get started.

1. You’ll go from overwhelmed to on-it.
By the end of the 8 weeks you will have a really clear vision of the business you want to create, and the road map that will get you there. You will have monthly, weekly and daily action plans, and you will be like a laser-focussed ninja making good stuff happen. You will feel less overwhelmed, and way more capable of getting to where you want to be with your business by the end of the 8 weeks.

2. You’ll get a head start on 2018
You’ll hit the ground running (and dare I say it feeling a little smug…) in January, because we’ll have done all the hard work during the Bootcamp, and you’ll have a kick-ass (well this is a Bootcamp…) strategy in place to see you and your business take off in 2018

3. You’ll save time
Often as a business of one, we get caught up in the treadmill of just getting stuff done, of fire-fighting, spinning all the plates, and wearing all the hats (is that enough metaphors..?). We are so busy being busy that we don’t have the time to look up, and take a breath, and work out where all our time is going, and how we might be able to use it more productively.
In the Good Business Bootcamp I will share with you some super simple tools and techniques to firstly work out where the hell all your time is disappearing to every day, and then how to prioritise what you do, so that you get more done in less time.

4. You’ll save money
The beta version of the Good Business Bootcamp is available at a one time crazy price of just £99.
8 weeks of coaching, support, resources and accountability for less than £100!
That’s just £50 a month, less than £2 a day.
I’ll even throw in some recipes for packed lunches to help you save that £2 each day*

5. You’ll gain confidence in yourself as a social entrepreneur/solopreneur/business owner
As social or ethical entrepreneurs we are usually pretty sh*t hot and know our stuff around our area of expertise inside out. But very few business owners have any formal business training, and it can feel overwhelming to be confronted with terms like ‘business model’ and ‘customer avatar’. And as is that wasn’t bad enough, then there’s all the abbreviations like USP, and MVP.
In the Good Business Bootcamp we will cut through all the (slightly wanky) business terms, and drill down into the nub of what it is and why it matters, and then apply it directly to your business.

6. You will make more progress than you ever would in 8 weeks on your own
When you run your own business, it’s awesome – you have the freedom and the flexibility and can fit things in.
But when you run your own business, it can be so hard – you have the freedom and the flexibly and you can fit things in. But without a manager or a boss telling us what we need to achieve each day, and checking back in to see what we’ve done, it can be really hard to stay motivated and focussed and on track.
That’s where I come in.
I will help you put those plans in place, to focus on the tasks you need to start-up or grow, and then I’ll be there to check back in with you and provide some all important accountability.

7. You’ll have fun!
This won’t be a super serious, grey business suits kind of course.
You will get to meet and connect with a small but perfectly formed community of other awesome and inspiring entrepreneurs. You’ll get to see what other people are doing, bounce ideas off each other, have someone to celebrate with, and people to pick you up if things get tough.

If all this sounds like your cup of tea (did I mention the obligatory tea and cake that comes with each group call?) and you’re intrigued to find out a bit more about how it will all work, there’s a heap more info just here.
Doors close for this first ever running of the Good Business Bootcamp at midnight** on Sunday 15th October ready for us to get started on Monday 16th.

* I might not actually do this, but you get the point I’m making…
**I will actually be asleep at midnight on Sunday 15th October, but it sounds kinda cool doesn’t it?