Start with Why

Simon Sinek gave a brilliant TED talk in 2013 entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and according to him, it all comes down to Why. The theory, is that Why is at the centre of everything we do, and that it informs our How and our What, but that most businesses start with the What […]

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Start from where you are

Starting a new thing is hard. Starting a new thing that is part of an old thing is hard. Just doing something different, something new, moves us out of our comfort zone, and that is when our old friend fear comes round knocking on the door. We get scared, and we start to procrastinate and […]

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5 ways to feel the fear and do it anyway

I wrote in my last post about how important it is that we as changemakers, as people trying to do business differently, are able to recognise and acknowledge our fears as something that is holding us back, and to take action despite it. I don’t think there is a magic bullet that will suddenly allow […]

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