[028] – What’s stopping you?

What’s stopping you from achieving the business, the impact, and the life, of your dreams? If I could wave a magic wand and grant you your wishes, what would you wish for? More money? More time? More confidence? Or something else? In this episode we dig into what’s stopping you, and how you can start […]

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[027] – Where the magic happens

In this episode, we talking fear again. This is something we explored in Episode 5, where I share some strategies for how to take action when we’re feeling scared.┬áBut in this show I’m thinking aloud about why it’s so important that we face our fears, and how we find that place where the magic happens. […]

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[023] – Comparison-itis and how to beat it

Comparison-itis – do you suffer? I know I do. It’s where you find yourself comparing yourself to others, and feeling somehow lacking. And it can be paralysing. It can make you feel truly hopeless, and stop you from moving forwards and taking the steps you need to make the impact you want your business or […]

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