I feel like I say this about every interviewee, but I LOVED this interview and hearing the inspiring story of Nicola and Richard who moved from Manchester to Totnes in Devon with no retail experience and a small baby in tow, to start up the UK’s only Zero Waste Shop, Earth.Food.Love.

Here’s some of the things we discussed:

  • How Nicola and Richard upped sticks and started the UK’s only Zero Waste shop
  • What it means to be an ‘imperfect environmentalist’
  • What ‘Zero Waste’ means
  • The 5 ‘R’s
  • Why recycling isn’t the answer to our waste problems
  • How a Zero Waste shop works in practical terms
  • Where to find the information you need to start your own Zero Waste Shop (it’s here!)
  • Nicola’s advice for anyone wanting to start their own Zero Waste Shop
  • Why transparency around pricing is really important to Nicola and Richard
  • How Totnes has responded to having a Zero Waste Shop in the town
  • Why they choose to support 1% for the Planet, and how that works
  • How and why to keep more money in the local economy
  • Simple steps to reduce the waste you’re sending to landfill even if you’re not lucky enough to live near Earth.Food.Love
  • How we can all utilise our own power to change the world and ‘softly influence’ your friends and family
  • Why the shop is Zero Waste to the customer, but currently can’t be 100% Zero Waste



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Bea Johnson – one the original Zero Waste pioneers

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Planet Organic in London

The Earth.Food.Love guide to starting your own Zero Waste Shop

1% for the Planet

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The Bristol Pound

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Straws Suck

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Zero Waste Week

[029] – My interview with Zero Waste Week founder Rachelle Strauss

Trash is for Tossers  

If you’ve got an idea like Nicola and Richard and want to start or grow something that has a positive impact on the world, I’d love to help you to do that! Here’s some information on how we might be able to work together to make your dreams a reality.¬†