Check out the blog for all kinds of useful posts to help you to start or grow your ethical business or social enterprise.
Tips on how to beat overwhelm, fear and 'comparison-itis' (it's a real thing) as well as practical stuff like how to write a business plan you will actually use, and how to do a Facebook Live!


Podcast round


The Making Good Podcast is the result of at least THREE year's procrastination, largely due to a terror of the technology involved!
But having faced my fears, podcasting is now one of my very favourite things, and has provided the perfect excuse to connect with so many of my ethical business heroes and heroines, and to hook up for a good old chinwag!
Tune in for inspiring stories from ethical business owners and social entrepreneurs, as well as tips, tools and techniques from me to help you  grow your own ethical business, and make good stuff happen.




The Making Good Facebook Community is a small but growing group of ethical business owners, social entrepreneurs, and people making good stuff happen in their communities.

It's a fabulous place to come and hang out - everyone is super lovely and friendly and welcoming. And it's a great place to ask any questions, to crowdsource advice or help, and to connect with like-minded people.