I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook – I love it for how connected it can make us, and for how I can keep in touch with family and friends, but I do find that using it for my business can be more than a little frustrating at times.
I’m sure we have all been in the situation where we post something out there on our page, only for Facebook to tell us 12 hrs later that it has reached 3 people.
In this episode, I have a fabulous chat with Michelle Purse from My Outsourced Marketing Team who I think I want to be my new best friend – she really made me laugh with her down to earth approach, and she packed SO many tips and actionable stuff into this episode.
Michelle has also really generously sent me her Facebook post planner for you all to download, (which I’ve already started using!) – you can find it in the links, or get it right here – thanks so much Michelle!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Who should be using Facebook and why
  • The difference between pages and groups
  • The information you need to include on your business page
  • How the Facebook algorithm works and why you need to know
  • How often you should be posting to Facebook
  • What to post and how to generate engagement
  • The difference between ‘giving’ posts and ‘asking posts’ and what balance you should aim for
  • Top tips for getting your Facebook page started and getting your first followers
  • Should we be paying to boost posts, and will our stuff be seen if we don’t?
  • Ideas for sharable posts that will create engagement
  • Michelle’s top 5 tips for Facebook growth and engagement – the ‘C’ bombs!


My Outsourced Marketing Team
on Twitter
on Facebook
on Instagram

The Goodlife Centre

Trill Farm

Machine’s Room

Michelle’s Facebook Bootcamp and 15 Minutes to Facebook Fabulous course

***Michelle’s Facebook post planner – this is AMAZING!!***

How to add captions to videos

Facebook pages app
– for i-phone
– for android

Canva – for designing your own images for social media
I also use and love PicMonkey

The Making Good Facebook community 

Phew! What an episode, SO much value and useful stuff!
I’d love to hear what new tips you learned, and what you’re going to start implementing on your own FB page as a result of listening to this – do leave a comment below, or come and join in the conversation in the Making Good Facebook community!