This is totally last minute, but I’m sure I’m not the only one still searching for “good” ideas for gifts to give this Christmas.
If you’re quick, you can get still your order in for the last posting dates!

There are so many brilliant independent businesses out there, not only making good stuff, but making good stuff happen, and I wanted to share some of them with you. How we choose to spend our money, who we choose to give it to, is a hugely powerful thing. It’s sending a message out into the world, that this is the kind of world, the kind of business we want to see.
With that in mind, here are some of the brilliant “good businesses” in my Making Good Facebook group – take a look at some of their festive offerings!

– Lisa at Less Stuff has a solution for the endless miles of wrapping paper that hits landfill each year with her zero waste gift wrapping bags!

– If you know anyone with a baby, Eve Bell at Baba+Boo has just the thing – this adorable snowman clothing and nappy gift set -it’s almost enough to make me broody again (almost…)

Aerende is an online shop selling beautiful products, all of them made in the UK by people facing social challenges.
I’ve been eyeing up lots of the things on the site, and the Christmas gift boxes are a brilliant way to get a sample of lots of things!
(I interviewed Emily, the founder of Aerende in Episode 35 of The Making Good podcast – she is amazing – do have a listen if you get a chance.)

– Anna at Lost Shapes creates gorgeous and humorous screen-printed designs on organic t-shirts and hoodies for the whole family.
We’ve bought one of these brilliant “Spy Pigeon” tops for our youngest (shhhh, don’t tell him.)

– Vicky makes amazing things out of old fabric, and always amazes me at the number of brilliant things she can make from a pair of jeans – check out this denim messenger bag.

– Andree at The house of chickaDee makes beautiful clothing from vintage or ethically sourced fabric, like this fabulous Kimono:

– There’s been a lot of attention over the last few years on the fast fashion industry and the need for more transparent supply chains, and for workers to be paid a living wage, but we forget that the same thing applies to jewellery as well – finding ethically sourced jewellery can be difficult, but luckily Nikki at Kashka has some gorgeous pieces that are just that.
I really love these snowflakes!


– Chris at Blasted creates hand-etched glass bottles and jugs using grit that can be recycled over and over again, and as we all know, glass is a brilliant ‘green’ re-usable product. She makes these fabulous ‘medicinal’ etched bottles for the tipple of your choice:

But when I saw her latest Star Wars designs on Facebook, I knew I had to get one my Star Wars obsessed boys – we’ll obviously be filling it with juice though, rather than the mulled wine Chris suggests..!

Jake and Maya is an ethical kids clothing brand that is the brainchild of Tze Ching Yeung.
Tze Ching create organic clothing for fast growing kids – it’s all cleverly designed to be adjustable and to grow with your kids and to be easily repairable too.

– Sarah at Kindred Suppers is on a mission to empower people far and wide to cook and eat together, and is offering bespoke cookery lessons which would make a brilliant gift for families, couples, or people who are on their own.

– I’ve been a fan of Jo and her social enterprise Where Does it Come From for ages now.
Each item of clothing comes with a code that you can enter into the website to trace the entire journey of the garment, from the cotton it was made from, right through to who made it.
Jo has a range of beautiful scarves, as well as some fabulous kids clothes too (our eldest is currently pretty much living in a pair of the trousers!).
And the latest addition to the range is these gorgeously snug looking alpaca wool hats – you can even see pictures of the alpacas the wool came from!

– For the gardeners amongst you how about award winning No Dig Organic Home & Garden book from Steph Hafferty? A gift that can be read and referred to over and over again, explaining how to grow your own ethically and sustainably, and recipes for what to do with your harvest, from meals to cleaning potions.
It’s available from all the usual places, but if you follow this link here and buy straight from their site, a bit more of your cash goes straight to the authors rather than linking the pockets of the likes of Amazon!

– And here’s my Christmas offering – a free 5 step guide to creating a kick-ass strategy for making more good stuff happen in 2018.
Just click here to sign up to get 5 days of my dulcet tones delivered to your in-box, that will walk you through the steps you need to take in just 10-20 minutes a day to get a kick start on an awesome year.

What a brilliant selection!
I can genuinely say (hint hint hubby…) that I would be delighted to receive any of these, and the added bonus of knowing that my gift was helping to support an amazing ethical entrepreneur would really add to my Christmas glow. So how about it…