I don’t know about you but when I hear people talking about measuring impact, I immediately start to feel a little bit overwhelmed. It makes me panic that I should have a set of spreadsheets and graphs and lots of numbers crunched ready for people to pore over. But if we’re businesses that are focussed on having a POSITIVE impact, then we need to be able to get some measure of that impact, and to be able to communicate that to our customers or clients.

In this episode I chat to Kat Lucock, founder of Share Impact, who is on a mission to help social entrepreneurs identify, measure and communicate their impact, so that they can attract more customers and grow their businesses.
Kat has a really down to earth approach, and keeps it really simple, which I love, and she really helps to de-mystify measuring impact, and make it seem really achievable (and desirable!) for all of us to do.

Here’s some of the things we discuss:

  • What Kat does at Share Impact and how she got there
  • Kat’s ‘Whys’
  • The three different areas that Kat would love to create social impact in with her business
  • How Kat is ensuring that her business is aligned to the things that matter to her, and why she’s not overly concerned about the formal structure of her business as a social enterprise
  • What ‘impact’ and specifically ‘social impact’ means, and why that is different for each business and social enterprise
  • Why we need to think holistically in terms of ‘impact’ with respect to social, environmental and financial impact
  • WHY being able to communicate our impact is so important
  • Start with the end in mind – who do you need to report your impact to, and therefore what information might you need to collect
  • The importance of story-telling in making connections and communicating your social impact
  • The difference between outcomes and impact
  • Some quick and easy ways to make a start on measuring impact
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Kat’s top three tips for measuring and communicating your impact
  • How and where to find support

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