I like the idea of having a ‘mission’. It makes me feel like I should don a cape and start wearing my pants on top of my trousers. Or at least be able to tackle the dirty washing pile…
According to the dictionary, a ‘mission’ is:

an important task that people are given to do

That doesn’t sound quite as awesome as my idea of a ‘mission’ in my head, but it’s a great starting point.
I have an important task. And without wanting to sound too ‘woo-woo’ I feel like it was given to me by life.

My task is: to make a difference.
And more than that, it’s to empower other people to believe in their ability to make a difference.
Does that all sound a bit much? A bit holier than thou?
It’s not meant to.

For a long time, I didn’t really think that I could make a difference.
I didn’t believe in myself.
I didn’t think that I could change the things that were so very wrong in my own life, let alone have a positive impact on the rest of the world.
But I learned that I could and I can.

In the first instance I made a choice. I decided that the future I wanted wasn’t compatible with the way I was living.
My life was out of control, I was bingeing and purging on food, I was drinking too much, I was full of self-loathing.
But when I met my now husband, and he saw beyond all that hurt and pain and ugliness, I started to see a future that was worth fighting for.
So I made a change. A lot of changes. It didn’t happen overnight, and I didn’t do it on my own, but I did it.
I made a difference to my life.
And every action creates ripples.
That change I made in my life, for me, choosing life and love, was the first step to where I am now – a firm believer that each and every one of us has the capacity to make a difference, to create the positive changes we want to see.

But even though I had a made a huge change in my own life, I still didn’t really believe that I could make a real difference to the world.
I would watch the news, or look at a newspaper, and despair. And once I had kids, I really started to fear for them the future they might face.
Faced with the enormity of issues like climate change, and consumer culture, and a broken economic system, I felt hopeless, powerless.
What difference could I possibly make – just one person on a planet of 7 billion?
It took spending a year as a family buying nothing new, and being forced to confront the impact of our modern Western lifestyles on the planet, to make me realise that I could make a difference. As just one person.

You see, everything we do has an impact. We get to choose whether it’s positive or negative.
We get to choose.
And that’s how we make a difference.

By taking personal responsibility for the choices we make every day, making more conscious, deliberate, thoughtful choices, mindful of the impact of those choices on not only our own lives, but on the lives of the people around us and the planet we live on, we make a difference.
I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s always easy. It’s not. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the ‘right thing’ to do. It can take more effort, more time, more energy than we think we have. But each time we make a better choice, we create a ripple. Even if no-one sees. In that moment, with that choice, we are creating a better world. And each of those moments, each of those choices adds up. And the ripples spread.

So I’m on a mission. To make a difference.
And to inspire, motivate and help other people to make a difference too – by sharing the stories of other change makers; creating resources and information to help move us forwards when we get stuck; and by creating a community of change makers: business owners, solopreneurs, bloggers and individuals, who want to make a difference too – I’d love for you to join me.