Starting a new thing is hard.
Starting a new thing that is part of an old thing is hard.
Just doing something different, something new, moves us out of our comfort zone, and that is when our old friend fear comes round knocking on the door.
We get scared, and we start to procrastinate and put things off. We tell ourselves that we can’t start until…
We delay starting a new business, a new blog, a new project until….
Until we have reached a certain number of social media followers, until we have a certain amount of money in the bank, until we are able to work part-time etc. etc.
But when we reach those goals, and we overcome those self-imposed barriers, things aren’t any less scary. The outcome isn’t any more certain. We could still fail. We are still scared. It is still uncomfortable. So we create another barrier, another until… And so it goes on.
… Until we either run out of excuses, or we simply run out of time. The opportunity has passed us by. Someone else has started up the business we always wanted to, our life has moved in a different direction, we are suddenly facing retirement having never acted on our dreams.

Time marches on regardless. Life doesn’t care if we haven’t done great things, if we haven’t righted wrongs, or made things happen. It just carries on ticking away.
If we wait until things are perfect, until all our ducks are in our row, our time will never come.
We spend our lives waiting for the perfect time to launch our thing, to put our awesome out into the world. We wait, and we wait. And we end up depriving the world of our awesome, and depriving ourselves the chance to grow and change and develop.
We need to start from where we are.
Taking that first step is the hardest. There is no momentum behind you to keep you going.
It can feel like standing at a cliff edge, or on the threshold of an airplane door waiting to jump.
All the fears queue up in our head scrambling for attention, screaming at us to step back from the edge, to stay safe, to turn around and walk away, because who knows what might happen?

And who knows?
We might fail, we might fall. But we might fly!
And if we don’t take that first step, that first terrifying, stomach-wrenching, toe-curling step, we will never know.
Staying where we are feels safe, but all life is uncertain. We think that by staying where we are, we are staying safe.
But we are assuming that life will carry on as it is now, that it won’t deliver a side swipe that knocks us off our feet.
There is no certainty.
Or maybe there is.
If we take that first step, something will happen. It might not be the result that we want, or that we think we want. But something will happen. And whatever it is, we will learn from it and we will grow. Things will change. We will change.

So what are you putting off?
What are you waiting until…
I challenge you to take that first step today.
What could you do today that will move you one step closer to your dream, your goal? Without waiting until…?
Let’s do this together.

PS. In the spirit of ‘starting from where I am’, I have just launched my first coaching package. I have that squirmy sicky feeling in my stomach. A really big part of me is telling me to wait. Until I’ve built my e-mail list, until I have more content on the site, until I feel ready. But I know deep down that I won’t ever feel ready. And that I need to do this. To put myself out there, to be vulnerable. But also to start to value myself, and what I can do, and to offer that value up to the world with an open heart. I am starting from where I am.
If you’re curious to see my first step, see the thing that has been scaring me so much, you can find it right here.