When I ask the members of my Making Good Facebook community what they are struggling with, I think probably the commonest answer I get is “time”. Or more accurately, lack of it.
Life can feel like we are constantly playing Countdown and have that great big clock in the background ticking away, and the music coming to it’s final exciting conclusion as we frantically try and make something more than a three letter word out of the jumble of letters we have been presented with.

When we’re running our own business, and often a business of one, there are just never enough hours in the day for product creation, sales, social media, managing the finances, blogging, sending e-mails, communicating with clients and everything else that a successful business needs, let along looking after the kids, cooking meals, exercising, walking the dog etc etc etc.

We have dreams and plans – books we want to write, a stack of blog posts that remain unwritten, products that never quite make it out of our head and into reality because we’re spending all our time just keeping up.
Somehow those dreams and plans, the things that will move our businesses forwards, allow us to grow and make more good stuff happen, keep falling down our to-do list, until eventually they fall off altogether.

So let’s dream for a moment – what if I could wave a magic wand and grant you more of that most ethereal and precious of things, time.

What would you do with two extra days?

What would you do if my magic wand could grant you two whole extra days, 15 hours, of time to focus solely on your dreams and plans in the next month?

Would you make serious in-roads on that book you’ve been writing in your head?
Would you create that service that you’ve drawn endless spider diagrams for but not got any further?
Would you finally get that bl**dy e-mail opt-in you’ve had on your to-do list for months and months sorted?

What would you do?

Dream big!
15 hours, child-free, chore-free, distraction-free, that’s a HUGE amount of time.
What would you do?
Write it down.
And if you’d like to, comment below-I really would love to hear.

PS. If you’d love to make the two whole extra days a thing reality in September, you can find out more here…