What are the things, the values, that are important to you, and to your business?

We’re all so busy, and so much of our lives, personal and working, can end up being lived on a kind of auto-pilot.
We do the things we do because that’s what we do, and that’s what we’ve always done. It can be hard to slow down enough to take stock, and to think about whether our thoughts, words and actions actually reflect the values that we hold dear.

So take 5 minutes today, whether that’s on the way to work, or out walking the dog, or just sitting with a cuppa at the kitchen table, and think about the values that are important to you. It could be things like kindness, honesty, integrity, family, the environment, fairness – the list is endless.

Here are some examples to get you going:
Achievement     Adventure     Art     Balance     Challenge     Community     Creativity     Democracy     Effectiveness     Helping others     Honesty     Independence     Family     Friendships     Fun     Growth     Knowledge     Laughter     Learning     Love     Loyalty     Money     Nature/the environment     Order     Pleasure     Power     Recognition     Relationships     Religion     Responsibility     Reward     Security     Self-respect     Serenity     Stability     Status     Success     Time     Truth     Connection     Wisdom     Spirituality     Understanding     Co-operation     Risk taking     Spontaneity     Openness     Awareness     Patience     Integrity     ????

Brainstorm all the values words that resonate with you. Then pick your top 3. Write them down.
And then reflect.
Are your thoughts, words, and actions reflecting those values? 
How can you incorporate more of those values into your personal life?
How can you make sure that you are living those values in your work or your business?

Ensuring that our business values align with our personal values is really important – it can cause a real internal (often subconscious) conflict if we work by a very different set of values to those that are important to us.
So if fairness is one of your values, how can you ensure that your customers, your suppliers, your producers are treated fairly? How much of that is in your control?

Take each of your top three values in turn and think about the practical things you can do to make sure that they are front and centre in how you run your business?
It might be something like updating (or implementing) some T&Cs on your website, so that your customers know exactly where they stand. It might be researching good causes you could partner with. It might be as simple as telling as sending someone an e-mail to tell what an awesome job they are doing.
Pick one action, one change, that you can put into place TODAY.
And one more that you can do this week.
Then plan out your other steps for the next month or two.

So what are your top 3 values?
I’d love to know – do leave a comment below or come and join in the conversation in my #MakingGood FB group 🙂